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The Power of Aperture

The “textbook” definition of aperture is the amount of light that passes through the camera lens. However, the best way for me to personally understand it is that it determines the depth of pictures. On my Canon, the lowest value is F3.5 and the highest value is F22. The lower the value, the sharper the photo subject will be. The objects in the background will be blurry and not as apparent. The higher the value, then the clearer the overall image will be. Even the background.

I was curious to see the differences in the lower and higher values, so I took a few shots of my living room pillows to test it out. Yes, these pillows were the only glamorous items available for my photo subjects LOL. I needed something as my muse for experiment sake, so pillows it was! #AmateurPhotographerProblems

I set my camera at the lowest AV and kept raising it by four. The below images show the photo appearing sharper and clearer for every increase in value. Please note, these images were shot with the camera setting on the Aperture Priority Mode. I had the ability to control the aperture, but the ISO and shutter speed were automatically adjusted by the camera.

Now that I have a basic idea of aperture, it reminds me a lot of the camera settings on an iPhone. In portrait mode, the subject of the picture is crisp while the background is blurry. This is equivalent to a low aperture value on a DSLR camera. In photo mode, the overall photo has the same level of sharpness or softness throughout. This is the same as a higher aperture value on a DSLR camera.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that my iPhone and digital camera are of the same quality (although some people say that’s debatable). It’s more so of a comparison that helps me understand how aperture works. At this point, I’m still more familiar on how to use an iPhone as opposed to my Canon.

That’s all for today lovelies. Happy picture taking 🙂

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  1. Loved this explanation!

    1. Breah Hernandez says:

      So glad it makes sense! At first, I wasn’t sure if I was getting the point across clearly LOL

  2. Love this explanation!!

    1. Breah Hernandez says:

      It took a while to get these words into this blog post haha, but it definitely helped me understand it more. Glad you enjoyed reading girlfrann 🙂

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