Everyday Hats for $40 or Less

Hats are my all-time favorite accessory! I’ll find any reason to wear them. Although my hat obsession is real, I never spend over $40 on one. I look far and near before I actually purchase it. I’ve seen some priced at a ridiculous amount. I’m talking hundreds of dollar bills ya’ll. Unless these hats are made of gold, I suggest saving your pretty pennies for your emergency fund. If you take good care of them, then they will last you quite a while regardless of the price. Below, I’ve listed a few of my go to hats that are affordable. 

Black Fedora ($40)

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I’ve had this black fedora for YEARS! I bought it back in 2015 and it’s still holding up strong. This hat does not have a stiff rim, but it’s also not floppy. You can bend it to your liking and it will stay put.

Neutral Felt Hat ($17)

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This neutral felt hat is currently my favorite hat! I was a little skeptical when I found it online and saw the super inexpensive price. When I received it in the mail though, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and structure of it. It was money well spent! I’ve linked an additional option that is just as affordable ($35) here.

Straw Boater Hat ($19)

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It took me a while to find a straw boater hat for one reason, the price! There are so many cute options in this style, but I was not willing to pay $100 for a hat that I would probably only wear during the summer. This one is only $19, hallelujah!

Black Baker Boy Hat ($7)

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The black baker hat is the most inexpensive hat on the list coming in at only $7! This is a nice option if you want to add a little funk to your outfit. The material is faux leather. Steven actually calls this my cop hat LOL. If you’re planning to be a cop for Halloween, then maybe snag this for your costume.

Red Baker Boy Hat ($29)

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I have a similar baker hat in red that is a tad bit more expensive at $29. It is corduroy material with a slouch look to it. Steven calls this my Mario hat. If you plan to be Mario for Halloween, then this could be an option LOL. 

Grey Felt Hat ($28)

This light grey hat is the newest addition to my closet! I’ve been looking for a hat in this color for what seems like, EVER! Sometimes I feel like I wear my black and neutral hats too often, so I’ll reach for this one if I want to switch it up a bit. 

I typically only wear hats on my days off since the dress code at my work is business attire. Hats are unfortunately not permitted. So since it’s Sunday night, that means it’s buh-bye to my hats until Friday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and cheers to a new week 🙂


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