dmGlow Facial with DermaMed Solutions a.k.a. Skin Care Bliss

I had the ultimate self-care day of my dreams this past Friday! Yep, I got my first ever facial by a licensed esthetician. Some of you may be thinking “Okay, that’s not that big of a deal.” Let me tell you honey, it is in my book! I am beyond obsessed with all things skin care, so I literally felt like I took a trip to heaven and back. 

My skin care journey thus far has all been trial and error. As a consumer though, I have felt so lost when browsing through products due to the countless options on the market. It was nice speaking with a trained professional about my skin care concerns. This was truly helpful since the esthetician customized my facial. She used products she felt would benefit my skin based on what I told her and through her own examination. 

 I’m not saying that this one consultation with an esthetician was the end all, be all for me. However, skin care should be personalized rather than a one-size fits all approach. The suggested regimen was created to fit my needs, based on my current lifestyle and no one else’s. Fun fact, the skin is the largest organ of the body. So, that’s even more of a reason to take great care of it and not neglect it. It’s never a bad idea to adopt a skin care routine ASAP! 

Alright, let’s get to the facial details! I received the dmGlow treatment, which consisted of three elements: facial cupping, dual exfoliation, and botanical skin care!

Facial Cupping

This lymphatic drainage massage was absolutely amazing! First, the Argan Boost Serum was applied to my skin. Then, a poli-plastic cup was glided across my face, gently massaging it. The benefits: stimulate blood flow, detox skin and build collagen. 

Dual Exfoliation

Next up was an exfoliation treatment! The mechanical aspect was performed first, specifically microdermabrasion. A vacuum suction was used to spray crystals on my skin. It was first applied in a vertical movement and then a second time in a horizontal movement to ensure all areas were treated. The benefits: buff and smooth the skin. The final step in exfoliating was the chemical aspect. A mandelic peel was brushed on my face and left on for a few minutes. The benefits: even skin tone, clarify and brighten.

Botanical Skin Care 

The last element was the application of a hydra repair mask. This was left on for five minutes. The benefits: calm the skin after any treatment, reduce the appearance of pores and lock-in natural moisture. Last, but not least was the application of an SPF 30 sunscreen! Always keep in mind that sunscreen should be applied daily. Not just when the sun is shining.


This facial made my skin feel so alive! I had a dewy gleam on my face that made me look so refreshed. It was exactly what I needed after the long winter months of dry skin and the sun exposure from the recent summer months. I would highly recommend getting a professional facial if you’re in serious need of some “me” time. It’s the perfect way to relax and just detox in general! Thanks so much to DM Skin Care and DermMed Solutions for this amazing experience. It’s safe to say I’m even more addicted to skin care than I was before 😉 

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