6 Tips for Whitening Sensitive Teeth

If you personally know me, then you know I am an easy going person. I am laid back and don’t take offense to most things. I can’t help but be uptight about my teeth sensitivity though! They are ridiculously sensitive! I have to be VERY careful on what oral hygiene products I apply, especially teeth whiteners. I always have to alter the application directions because of this. Luckily, I’ve gotten my whitening routine down to a T. With some help from Smile Brilliant, I’m sharing 6 tips on how to achieve a whiter smile the pain-free way.

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1.Only leave the whitening gel on for half the standard allotted time.

Smile Brilliant allows you the ability to apply as much or as little whitening gel on your custom teeth whitening trays. Since I have sensitive teeth, I suggest applying no more than 1/3 of the whitening gel and only keeping it on for 20 minutes at most. I especially recommend this if you are using a product for the first time ever. This will help see if any reactions occur. In addition to sensitive teeth, I also have sensitive gum. They tend to bleed so this is another reason I suggest it.

2. Take a break in between whitening (days in between).

Again, you want to ease your way into this. Every other day will allow your teeth to become accustomed to the product. 

3. Avoid extreme water temps, such as hot and cold. Use lukewarm water when rinsing in between the steps.

I learned the hard way that using extremely cold water is not the way to go. It feels refreshing at first, but then my teeth and gums would become numb and sometimes lead to bleeding. Always stick with lukewarm water. 

4. Apply the desensitizing gel immediately.

Along with the whitening gel, Smile Brilliant provides a desensitizing gel to apply after whitening. It is applied the same exact way as the whitening gel. This will help avoid any tingly or numb feeling. I leave it on for as long as possible.  

5. Use coconut oil or Vaseline after if still feeling sensitive. 

If you have extremely sensitive teeth, then these can help ease the feelings as well. They help lubricate them. 

6. Use products with low peroxide levels. 

In the past, I have applied straight hydrogen peroxide onto my teeth directly from the bottle. This is a major NO! Overtime, peroxide can cause damage to the protective enamel making your teeth even more sensitive. It’s important to not only use products with low levels, but also mixed into other ingredients such as tooth paste and teeth whiteners. Based on Smile Brilliant’s ingredient list on their packaging, each whitening syringe has a total of 22% carbamide peroxide. Each syringe is good for 3-4 applications, so an estimate of peroxide being used each session is roughly 5-7 %. Not bad compared to other whiteners that have around 14% per strip. 

Here’s a peek below at my before and after whitening photos.

Don’t let your sensitive teeth stop you from achieving a brighter smile. There’s always alternative measures to consider! I hope these pointers help in your teeth whitening journey just as much as they’ve helped me!

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