Spring Awakening

My sweet, sweet friends!

I think Philly can finally say hasta luego to the snow until later in the year! All winter long I have been bummin’ it in my beanies and sweats. I’m all for dressing down and not having to do my hair from time to time. After a few months though, I start to feel, maybe even look, like a sloth! I finally crawled out of my cave due to the recent gleams of sunlight and bump in temps. After being in a winter slumber, it was time to actually brush my hair and wear my normal clothes. I hit the streets of Philly in my loud prints and bold colors.

Casual Vibes

Let’s start this cat walk off in, well, a cat print LOL. This is definitely a casual look for me. So, I almost wore this sweater as a dress with OTK boots. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly though. Plus, your girl needs to tan her legs before she exposes them. I did everyone a favor and saved you from having to pull your sunnies out to shield your eyes from my pale legs. For now, my ripped jeans and combat boots will fit the bill. To be honest, walking through an alley in this outfit is probably more appropriate than a sweater dress and OTKs. I would’ve been Pretty Woman status yelling out dolla dolla bill ya’ll!

Bold Betch

Alright, let’s speed things up. I’ve been loving red lately. The color is an instant mood booster for me. These red sock booties are sure to liven up any outfit. Personally, I like to pair my loud colors with a print. Whoever said you can’t wear multiple statement pieces at once is obvi boring! For this look, I paired a printed blouse with the red sock booties. I guess you can say I “toned it down” with a pair of black jeans. I love outfits that have the thrown together look, but still looked polished at the same time. So to achieve this, I left the shirt half untucked and a little unbuttoned. I finished it with a neutral colored belt to pull the look together.

Get Funky

Finally, we’ll end with my spin on a fun office outfit! A few years ago, I would’ve strutted this outfit into my corporate job. Printed pants, bright-colored tops, and sandal heels were my go to once upon a time. My current job’s appearance standards are a little more conservative than I’m used to, so this outfit will not fly. BUT, outside of work I still like to dress like this since it’s that in between look. It can be worn for a lunch/dinner date or just because!

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