Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!

I wasn’t into this whole dry shampoo revolution until recently. I’ve tried it once before back in college, but it surprisingly made my hair even greasier. Instead, I would sprinkle baby powder on my roots to soak up the unwanted oil. Eventually, I grew tired of how it made my hair appear a white-gray color. It didn’t blend in too well with my dark hair. I then switched over to using my face powder. The tan color of it meshed extremely well with my hair color. Eureka! I thought all my problems were solved, until I started noticing I was running out of face powder quicker than usual. That’s when I decided to give dry shampoo a second chance. With several options available these days, I was certain I would find a perfect match! Today, I’m sharing the four dry shampoos I tried and which one I ultimately chose! Hint, it’s the last option ­čśë

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo´╗┐

*Price: $5.99

*Size: 7 oz

Pro: You can’t beat the price!!!

Con: I have to apply in the morning and at night for my longer “out and about” days.

Sephora Collection Green Tea Dry Shampoo´╗┐

*Price: $8

*Size: 2.5 oz

Pro: The scent is phenomenal. It reminds me of the beach!

Con: It only comes in travel size. If it came in a larger size, then I would definitely continue to buy this product!

Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo for Brunettes´╗┐

*Price: $23

*Size: 3.5 oz

Pros: This smells AMAZING! I am totally smitten over it. It also gives my hair a matte appearance, so it immediately looks refreshed. Perfect if you’re trying to cover up any minor outgrown roots or grey hairs as well.

Cons: This product does have coloring in it, so it can leave a brown residue on your hands or any light colored clothing. As a pre-caution, I suggest washing your hands after use and wear dark clothing when applying. Also, the price is a little steep.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Rose Gold´╗┐

*Price: $7.99

*Size: 6.73 oz

Pros: This one is my favorite out of all of the options! It’s romantic smelling, it doesn’t make my hair look white, and a little bit goes a long way. I only have to use about four sprays for each application.

Cons: I can only find the Rose Gold scent at Ulta and not Target.

Alright, so my dry shampoo journey took a few months to complete. I wanted to give myself enough time to try each product several times and share my honest opinion with you all! I hope this helped. Thanks so much for stopping by!



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