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Pamper, Strut, Repeat with European Wax Center

Hey There Good Looking!!!

I can hardly believe it’s December. Towards the end of the year, I like to remind myself that self-care should always be a priority. It’s especially easy to forget with all the holiday festivities occurring at this time of year. One ritual I ensure to never miss is my wax appointment! Today, I’m talking all about my favorite TLC routine treatment from European Wax Center.

I absolutely love my monthly “me” time at European Wax Center. I mainly go for Brazilian waxes and have been addicted since 2015. My family and friends think I’m crazy to consider this pampering. Most of them end up trying it out themselves though and realize I’m not so loco en la cabeza! LOL

I’m not going to lie, I was scared out of my mind when I started getting routine waxes. Throughout the first year of my monthly appointments, I would have to mentally prepare myself prior to my visit. This involved taking pain reliever medicine and not consuming food or liquids before. I wanted to avoid any chance of me having to use the restroom during my session. I was even more paranoid during my appointment. I would instruct the wax specialist to count down before each strip was pulled. I would breathe in while she counted and then breathe out as the strip was lifted. Let’s just say I was totally psyching myself out by being more dramatic than I really needed to be.



After one year of being a member, I ended up moving apartments several times. This resulted in having to change locations and finding new wax specialists. This was when I discovered my prep was absolutely ridiculous.  Each time I had a new wax specialist, I had to train her on my preferences. Honestly, this was more work for me. After countless times of hearing myself tell the specialist my routine, I finally realized I was insane in the membrane.

One fine day, I waltzed into my appointment and took my wax like a champ. I skipped the pain reliever, ate my typical meals and drank all the water I wanted. Oh, and I actually had a normal conversation with my wax specialist rather than taking deep breathes before each wax strip was pulled. My appointment flew by. I was done in no time. If pain is what’s holding you back from getting a Brazilian wax, then I totally understand. I’ve clearly had my issues LOL. I highly suggest trying it at least once though. Throw all your worries out the window and go for it!



Some personal benefits I find from my monthly wax session at European Wax are:

1. Amazing Products

If you’re looking to rid of those dead skin cells, then you MUST try the Reveal Me exfoliating gel. There’s an option for both your body and your face! Let’s say you’re wanting to steer clear of ingrown hairs and remove dirt/oil where your goodies are. Then, the Smooth Me Wipes will be your best friend! If brows are more your forte, then absolutely pick up the Browfection Liner and Shaper! The brush is perfect for perking up the hairs and the pencil beautifully fills them in. I can’t forget about the delicious smelling body lotions. All of them are magnificent, but my ultimate pick is the Cheeky Strut scent. It’s a warm mix of fresh flowers and fruit.



2. Less Time Spent on Personal Grooming

A trusted wax specialist handles your grooming for you. Plus, hair grows back at a slower pace, so I don’t see hair until two weeks after. Grooming is also every four weeks as opposed to every few days.

3. Smoother Skin

Buh-bye razor bumps and spikey hairs! My hairs have also become thinner, so they aren’t as visible when they grow back.

4. Therapy

My wax specialist has unofficially become my therapist since she listens to me vent. She always gives me the best life advice and on how to treat my skin in between waxes.



If you’ve never been to a European Wax Center, then strut your way there ASAP! The ultimate incentive is that first time guests can enjoy a brow, bikini line or underarm wax absolutely free of charge! Seriously, what have you got to lose other than unwanted hair 😉

Alright, so there is one last thing I have for you! I’ve teamed up with European Wax Center to host a giveaway featuring their oh so luxurious products! Details to be announced soon, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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