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What’s up party people?!

Too much for a Monday morning? I thought so haha

Today, I’m sharing with you the highlight of my weekend. It was attending my first Soul Cycle class with some fellow blogger babes! If ya’ll have never been, then I suggest getting off your ass and trying it!!! Sign up here!

Before actually taking a class, several people told me it was somewhat of a cult. Personally, I wouldn’t use that word or even narrow it down to one word when describing Soul Cycle. Rather, it was the most welcoming place of passionate individuals I had ever come across. I had been to several fitness studios and gyms before. Most of them were intimidating with no sense of community. Soul Cycle was the exact opposite of that. The following are tips based on my personal experience at the Ardmore, PA location.

First Impression: You’re Bound to Meet Genuine People Here!

Since there were so many regulars at this studio, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was quickly spotted as the new kid on the block. Immediately, a few people approached me and introduced themselves. That was the best welcoming party as it made me feel so comfortable to actually be there. They informed me about the spinning shoes, how to use the lockers and to never feel dumb to ask a question.

Camille, Katie, Elisha, Dyana, Laura & me post ride.

Check-in Process, Pre-Ride Prep & Knowing Your Bike:

  • Set up your Soul Cycle profile on their website to reserve your ride & complete the new rider waiver form.
  • Check-in at the front desk to verify your bike number and rent spin shoes.
  • Secure hair in a bun or ponytail. You’re going to get sweaty so wear a headband to avoid your hair sticking to your skin and getting in the way. Bring a water bottle. If you forget any of these items, then complimentary hair ties & bobby pins are available in the bathroom & Fiji water is available for purchase.
  • Stow away all your belongings in their lockers. Yes, even your phone. They aren’t allowed in the spin studio! There are built-in locks for the lockers and towels are also provided.
  • Staff will assist you in finding your bike number and setting up the bike. Ensure your seat is hip level while standing. Your seat needs to be a certain distance from the handle bars as well, which is the length of your forearm to the end of your fingertips.
  • For shoes, lock them into the pedals. To do so, place your foot flat on the pedal and push down until you hear a loud snap.
  • Weights for the strength training portion are located in the back of your seat.

Class Atmosphere: Upbeat Music, Words of Empowerment, Sweat Galore & Booty Shakin’ Fun!

I honestly felt like I was dancing with some girlfriends at a club. Only, instead of consuming a ton of cocktails and wearing high heels I was riding a bike and sweating out all the wine I drank the night before. It felt amazing!

Photo by Dyana Baurley @missmerrymonday

Inside the Studio:

  • The spin studio is dark, lit with candles, has dimmed lights & fans for ventilation. Personally, being in a darker room allowed me to focus more. I didn’t feel like I was being watched by others in the class. All my insecurities just vanished.
  • This is not just a spin class. It’s a mixture of spinning, strength training, stretching and self-reflection.
  • You’ll need to unlock your shoes during the stretching portion. If you can’t unlock them seamlessly, then remove your feet from the shoes and leave them attached to the pedals.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout! You’re going to sweat like crazy so ensuring you replenish is important!!!
  • Push yourself. This is your ride, so make the most of it! Crank up that resistance!

The Finish Line: You’ll Feel All Sorts of Zen

At the start of the class, I walked into a spin studio. At the end, I’m almost positive I walked out of rehab. I’ve always been a firm believer that fitness is the ultimate stress reliever. Soul Cycle further confirmed my belief.


  • If you’re still having trouble unlocking your shoes, then leave them on the pedals. A staff member will collect them afterwards.
  • Dispose soiled towels in bin.
  • Showers, towels, and blow dryers are available if you need to freshen up.

Overall: A Physical & Emotional Ride!

The biggest take away were the connections I made with the veteran riders, the fellow bloggers who rode alongside me, the high-energy instructor, and little ‘ol me. As my instructor, Ya El, pointed out during class, “before you ask the universe for something, make sure you deserve it!”

I’ll end with this, start working towards what you truly want in life. Just get started even if it’s baby steps. Some progress is better than no progress. Remember, nothing of value comes easy. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about your personal values and goals. Everything in life is yours for the taking. It’s just a matter of action. Grab it and make it yours.

Alright ya’ll, my Buddha rant is over haha! Now, let’s rock this week!!!

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