My Best Friend’s Wedding!

Hi Sweet Friends!

It’s been one month since my best friend, Mariah, got hitched to her soul mate, Marco! Wow, time flies! We recently received the pictures back from the photographer, so we’ve been hard core reminiscing ever since.

I’ve been in quite a few weddings the past couple of years. To be honest, it is a major financial, time and emotional commitment.  In the end, it truly is all worth it though! The memories outweigh everything! In honor of Mariah and Marco’s one month wedding anniversary, I’ve decided to share a few tips for current and future bridesmaids to consider.



Tip #1 Buy Your Dress Used

This is probably the smartest advice I’ve ever been given! Think about it, you’re only wearing the dress for one night. Afterwards, it will hang in your closet to collect dust. I was shocked to discover how many options were available on PoshMark. So many girls were selling their dresses on there from when they were bridesmaids. If you can find a dress that was only worn once, is the exact style, color and size at a lower cost then why wouldn’t you go this route?!



Tip #2 Keep Your Dress, Hair & Makeup Simple

Remember, this day is not about you. Don’t complicate things by focusing too much on your overall look. The star of the day is the bride!

Try to steer clear of any extra frills on your dress such as ruffles, straps, sequins, or special materials like silk or chiffon. Most bridesmaids need to get their dresses altered whether it be hemmed or taken in. Any of these extra frills will only complicate the alteration process and also drive up the price. I once had an alteration shop quote me an amount that was half the price as the dress itself. This was all due to the waterfall detail in the front and the multiple layers the dress had. This was only for a hem and nothing else. Ridiculous!!!

For hair and makeup, keep it natural looking. Your appointment with the hair stylist and makeup artist shouldn’t be as long as the bride’s. Side thought: Have you ever been unhappy with a makeup artist or hair stylist in previous experiences and felt like you could’ve done a better job? If yes, then I suggest you do your own hair and makeup. I had a bad experience in a previous wedding for my hair. There was no time to cry about it or fix the damages since we had to head to the venue. So for all weddings going forward, I started doing my own hair that way it was done in a timely manner with no surprises. This free’d me up to help with touch ups for the bride’s hair, which is way more important!



Tip #3 Reserve a Hotel Block & Conference Room  

Do your bride a favor and reserve a hotel block of rooms for the wedding weekend in close proximity to the venue. This will come in handy for a couple of reasons: 1) The wedding party and family will be meeting for the rehearsal the night before the big day. Afterwards, they will need a place to stay 2) guests will want a place to stay either before or after the wedding. Lastly, reserve a conference room or large suite for the bridal party to get ready in. You’ll need space for the makeup artist, hair stylist, the bride’s family, all the bridesmaids, photographer, etc.



Tip #4 Prep Your Essentials the Night Before 

Ensure you steam your dress, pack your jewelry & shoes the night before. The sooner your items are ready, the more time you can help the bride with her prep. A few ways to be helpful to everyone is by bringing a 24 pack of water bottles, breakfast/snacks, a clothes steamer, full length mirror, & phone charger. You want to make sure everyone is hydrated, fed, de-wrinkled, mirror approved and fully charged before show time! It’s also handy to keep your boyfriend “on call” that day. Steven was so helpful the day of Mariah’s wedding. He went to the grocery store for us, he helped pack the car with our dresses and drove us to the venue once hair and makeup were complete.



Tip #5 Don’t Party Too Hard Before the Wedding

It’s okay to have a couple of drinks, especially if the bride asks you to drink with her. BUT, don’t get wasted!! You need to be aware throughout the day to keep things rolling and the bride sane! Alright, confession time! I drank a wee little too much at Mariah’s wedding. During dinner, I was tempted to crawl underneath the table to nap before my speech. Literally, so embarrassing to even admit but that’s what day drinking will do to a girl. I had to snap out of it though since I knew Mariah would kill me if I wasn’t awake for my toast haha!



Tip #6 Snap Pics Every Chance You Get 

Yes, obvi the bride will hire a professional photographer to capture all the great moments during the wedding. However, the turn around time for a photographer can take a few weeks. I suggest snapping as many behind the scene pics as you can so you can reminisce in the interim. Also, let’s be real. You’ll need those pics to post to your social media profiles LOL!



Tip #7 Be the Bride’s Bathroom Buddy

Typically, the bride’s dress will be floor length. This means she’ll most likely need to be chauffeured to the bathroom throughout the night.  She’ll need help lifting her dress before she squats on the toilet! This is helpful so she doesn’t get any unwanted liquids or residues on it. Also, she will for sure need someone to grab her a wad of toilet paper to wipe the goods.



Alright, there you have it! Those are my top tips to being a reliable bridesmaid!

Above all else, remember to have fun during all the hectic moments.



Thanks for stopping by!

I hope ya’ll are having a lovely week.


***All photos in this blog post were taken by Luisa Renay Photo***


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  1. All such great tips! I never thought to look for the bridesmaid dresses used. That is genius! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Breah Hernandez says:

      My mind was blown when I was given that advice!! I’m so glad you found it useful as well 🙂

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