Workin’ On My Fitness

Hi Beautiful People!

Today I’m quickly sharing a couple of my favorite fitness routines since I often get asked how I stay in shape. For me, it’s truly a combination of diet and exercise. This post will focus strictly on fitness though. Don’t fret! I’ll share some of my go to meals in a future blog post.

Please keep in my mind, I am not a certified fitness trainer or anything along those lines. These are routines I’ve created through my own trial and error at my own risk. I am simply sharing what I enjoy doing at the gym. Ensure to consult a professional before performing any of these exercises.

The below routines typically take me about 45 minutes to complete. I prefer to do them in the morning before work since it wakes me up. Plus, I’m way too tired to even think about hitting the gym after a long day at the office, so morning gym sessions for the win!

Workout #1

-Warm Up: Power walk either 0.50 or 1 mile on the treadmill with a 15 incline and 3.5 speed.

-Legs: Curtsy lunges with 15 lb dumbbells in each hand for a total of 30 lbs (3 sets of 15)

-Full Body: Push up rows with 10 lb dumbbells in each hand for a total of 20 lbs (3 sets of 15)

-Arms & Back: Lat pull down machine set at 30 lbs (3 sets of 15)

Workout #2

-Warm Up: Stair climber for 10 minutes

-Legs: Sumo squats holding a 20 lb medicine ball (3 sets of 15)

-Arms: Shoulder press while sitting down with either 10 or 15 lb dumb bells (3 sets of 10)

-Full Body: Burpees (3 sets of 10)

-Glutes, Lowerback, & Core: Donkey kicks (3 sets of 15 on each leg)



There you have it! My “go-to” morning, fitness routines.

Working out is my absolute favorite stress reliever. It’s the ultimate mood booster as well.

I would highly recommend it and hope I’ve inspired you to live a more active lifestyle 🙂

Alright, ya’ll! Now get to steppin’ and work that body!


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  1. Were you always a morning routine person? I always go back and forth between wanting to work out/get up early and start the day right, and then wanting to hit the gym after work so I can kind of “detox.”
    Cool site! #fellowPHL

    1. Breah Hernandez says:

      Hi Andy,

      No, I definitely wasn’t always a morning routine person! It wasn’t until the past year and a half where I kicked my butt into gear to do so. I would always aim to go to the gym after work, but I rarely made it since I was too tired from a long day at the office. I was always against working out in the morning as well simply because I was too lazy to get out of bed haha Once I started my morning workouts though, I was hooked. It’s a nice wake up ritual and I personally felt like I had more energy throughout the day. It just works better with my schedule as well since after work I tend to have a few errands such as cook dinner, pack lunch for the next day, laundry, etc. Let me know if you try out the morning routine. Thanks for stopping by!!

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