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Today, I’m sharing my experience with a jewelry subscription box! If you know me, then you know that I can’t get enough of subscription boxes. It’s like my birthday since I receive a present at my door multiple times a year. Who wouldn’t love that?!!! Anyhow, Jewlybox is a quarterly jewelry subscription where you keep the pieces you receive. Yes, that’s right!!! You can actually keep the items rather than rent them. It’s quarterly so the boxes ship out four times a year based on the seasons: fall, winter, spring & summer. There’s two boxes to choose from: a standard Jewlybox and a Jewlybox-Premium. The standard box comes with three pieces and the premium has five. The items you receive will be based on the preferences you select at the time of signing up.

I have the standard box with three pieces: necklace, bracelet, and earrings. The packaging is the best I’ve received from a company in while. All pieces are secured in bubble wrap and placed in a pink, suede sachet that are unbelievably soft!


To be completely honest, the style of these pieces aren’t exactly what I would pick out for myself. This box’s theme is Old Hollywood Glam so these items are classy and elegantly bold. My every day jewelry style is more simple chic, specifically for work. For date night or a girl’s day, I typically go more trendy and wear funky, bright pieces. This is my first box though, so I believe by the next one my stylist will have a better idea of my preferences.

You best believe I made these items work with my wardrobe though! Since the jewelry pieces are light I thought they paired nicely against this navy blue, scoop neck tee. The lace cap sleeves on the tee and the cream lace shorts I wore meshed well with the floral jewels in the necklace and bracelet. I felt so feminine and absolutely loved this look. Overall, I am a fan of this box subscription. Being able to keep the items that are shipped to me without an additional cost is always a plus.

Be sure to check out Jewlybox and snag your first box for $15 off using code “BREAH15”. Click on any of my pictures above to take you directly to their site to sign up 🙂 Drop me a message if you decide to try it out!

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