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Recently, Steven and I had a couple of our Seattle friends visit us in Philly! We were so excited to show them around the city. They were only here for a short time so we trained into the city and got to steppin’. Our day consisted of drinks and brunch at Harper’s Garden, a coffee break at La Colombe, a pit stop for a photo opp at Love Park, a donut run at Beiler’s located in Reading Terminal Market, an afternoon stroll through Philadelphia’s Magical Gardens, a drive through Rittenhouse Square and two stops for Philly cheesesteaks: 1) Whiz Kid 2) Dalessandro’s.

All in between this, Athena got me addicted to pre-natal gummy vitamins, Patrick converted us to Lyft riders and we got both of them hooked on cheesesteaks. I’d say it was a successful day all around 😉 Disclaimer: I actually don’t consume pre-natal gummy vitamins. It’s just an inside joke haha.

Anyhow, so the last night they were here was a Sunday. We were chillin’ in the park, waiting for the sun to go down. It was me, Shylo and the homies. Okay, brownie points to whoever can name that song! But on the real, we were chillin’ in our backyard, sippin’ on some wine, eating our Honey Grow and snapping polaroids until we ran out of film, literally. It’s always the best time when us four get together. Random stuff just happens and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks for visiting us Pathena!!! Steven and I love you guys!!!

Have a fantastic day lovelies!!! Thanks for stopping by.




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  1. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Breah Hernandez says:

      It was a blast!!! Philly has so many great places to see. Thanks for reading!

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