Here’s The Sitch

Alright, so it’s been a little too long since my last blog post. The only excuse I have is LIFE. So I’m giving ya’ll a quick DL on my recent life happenings from the past few months. Back in late April, I left my job in the commercial real estate industry due to the fact that I didn’t see a future for myself in the long run. Rather than staying, I took the plunge and did some soul searching. During the month of May, I immersed myself into the Philly community. I attended local art shows, went to food tastings, landed some brand collabs, planned a blogger brunch, made new friends, and even went to an audition for a pop up art exhibit! I pretty much did a lot of random stuff and ultimately just enjoyed life. Throughout all of this, I realized that I am a naturally social person who likes to build relationships with people from all backgrounds. So I started seeking a job in the hospitality industry.

June came and went in a blink of an eye! My plan was to go back home to California for the entire summer to clear my head. When I first moved to Philly, I didn’t look for a job that truly interested me. Instead, I was just trying to land any job since I moved from across the country and was worried about the unknown. This time around, I wanted to get it right by finding a job that I knew I would absolutely love. I figured if I go home for the summer and find a job when I come back, then that would be the perfect plan. Well, life doesn’t always go as planned as we all have probably experienced by now in our adult lives!

I ended up landing a job with an amazing company right before my trip to California. Instead of taking the entire summer off, I only went to California for two weeks where I gobbled and sipped a million calories, obvi did some shopping, laughed with family and friends until we couldn’t breathe, reminisced on past memories and made new ones by visiting my favorite places, and of course snapped a thousand pics all while doing so! When the two week mark hit, I took a red eye back to Philly and started my new job the very next day.

Wine tasting with my SoCal Blogger Babes @ Fazeli Cellars in Temecula, CA. Photo by Johanna Kitzman.
Visiting my favorite popsicle place, Popbar – Huntington Beach, CA
Brunch with some local bloggers @ Spring Tea Garden – Fullerton, CA.
The beautiful drive to Lake Tahoe for our friend’s wedding!
Celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Meress @ Kirkwood Lodge & Resort in Lake Tahoe.
The girlfriend squad putting the boyfriends to work by being our photographers haha
The view walking from the beach back to our hotel in Catalina Island.
Steven and I ready to paddle board at our old stomping grounds in Newport Beach!
Celebrating Raea’s birthday in West Lake Village. Malibu did us dirty haha

Fast forward to July and I’m two weeks into my fabulous new job! The company culture is everything I could ask for, I have extremely supportive colleagues, and our clients range of all age groups/walks of life. Okay, that thing called LIFE is happening again so I gotta run. Thanks for stopping by lovelies!

I’m extremely happy to be apart of the AVE team if you couldn’t tell from my facial expression 😉








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