Wild Wild East

This past Friday, I attended a preview event for Emily White’s Wild Americana exhibit at Hot Bed Philly. From the moment I stepped into the building, I was entertained. First, I was greeted by these two hunks:

The excitement didn’t stop there. A grand mural of a roaring bear welcomed me as I stepped in the main loft area. The brush strokes were so precise making the mural look as if it was textured. Oh, and I instantly felt like I had been transported into a succulent heaven. The most beautiful display of flowers and plants draped along the walls. Potted plants were scattered throughout the venue. They were complimented by figures of wild animals such as a buffalo, a soaring eagle and a mama bear with her cub. Quilted tapestries hung in the bar area and wire, brassey birds soared from the sealing.

There was a specialty cocktail available that night, which was absolutely refreshing. Sipping on this cocktail, while viewing the wildlife, inspired art made me feel as if I was at a spa in a magical forest. Feast Your Eyes Catering provided exceptional hors d’oeuvres throughout the night as well. I scarfed them down so quickly that I didn’t manage to get pictures of these tasty babies. My favorites though were the duck quesadillas and the Vienna sausage. As if I wasn’t already pleased with my visit, I won one of their amazing plants to take home. The perfect ending to my Friday night.

I highly recommend stopping by Hot Bed Philly to witness Emily’s work for yourself. In general, this art loft is a must to visit. It’s not one of those stuffy, art galleries where you can’t touch anything. It’s intended to be fun and interactive with the art. Guests are encouraged to hop aboard the animals and garden-esque chairs, which makes for a perfect photo op! Hot Bed Philly is a venture between James Oliver and Bryan Hoffman, who are absolutely wonderful. They mingled with everyone at Friday’s event, making the guests feel welcomed. You can tell they truly enjoy what they do. Wild Americana is on display through June 16, 2018. You can find details for it and future events at the following link:

Thanks to James Oliver, Bryan Hoffman, Feast Your Eyes Catering, Emily White and Kelsey McKee for an amazing event. I look forward to the next exhibit at the end of June!


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