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Last week, the lovely Erica and I attended a Conception Art Show at Voyeur Nightclub. Quick tip about the venue before I get into the art talk. If you’ve never been to this venue, then keep in mind that the entrance is in an alley located across from Green Eggs Cafe. I know, an alley has “sketch” written all over it, but it is in a well-lit area so don’t get turned off too easily! If you’re still creeped out, then I suggest you take some form of self-defense classes, bring your pepper spray and keep 911 on speed dial. Alright, back to the art.

One of the bar areas. I was obsessed with those pendant lights!

So, I’m no Banksy. I do like browsing local artists’ work though, which this exhibit showcased. A nice perk was that we actually met the artist as well. This allowed us to discuss the inspiration for their work. Being able to understand how artists view the world is fascinating to me. It encourages me to always be open-minded. Being exposed to different perspectives is important for anyone as it allows people to grow as an individual. Now I’m getting deep, so let’s lighten the mood with some of my favorite artists at the show! Mike Doughty and Abstract were the most memorable artists I engaged with that night.


Catch him on Instagram: @morethanmiked
If you haven’t noticed already, the shadow at the lower right corner of this photo is me snapping this picture with my phone LOL!

Mike Doughty had quite the sense of humor! Not only in person, but also through his art. His Rock, Paper, Scissors piece was my most-liked of his work. Yes, like the game you play with your hands! It featured The Rock Dewayne Johnson, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and Edward Scissor Hands. If you’re familiar with those characters, then you’ll immediately understand the symbolism. If not, then take a minute to really think about it. If your brain starts to hurt, then you’re thinking too much. Relax, it’s just art 😉


Check her Instagram out: @abstract23._

The other artist I adored goes by the name of Abstract. What attracted me to her work were the intense emotions jumping from the canvas. In my opinion, the most capturing piece from her was Caged Vulnerability. The claw-like hand reaching out from the mountains, towards the sky quickly drew me in. This piece was based on falling in love, experiencing a heartbreak, and the transformation that occurred after overcoming it. I’m pretty sure any girl can absolutely relate to this!


Find him on Instagram: @ahmedbinmajed

Ahmed Almaadheed was another artist whose work I liked, but unfortunately was unable to meet him since he was not present. I didn’t catch the name of the art, but the above image was my favorite piece from him. I have no “artsy” reasoning whatsoever for liking this painting. I simply like it because it looks edgy, yet glamorous at the same time.


Below are two other artists’ work that I enjoyed from that night as well:

Artist: Devon Feiffer

Artist: Elizabeth Nentwig 

I hope you were able to get some inspo from these artists. One thing that I’ve learned as a blogger is that people shouldn’t just consume content. They should also contribute to the world by creating it. Don’t be afraid to share your work. Now go out there and create, create, create!


Interested in attending a Conception Art Show? Stay up to date at the below link:

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