Last Minute Dress Shopper, Early Bird at Cocktail Hour

So, I’ll admit. When it comes to online shopping, I’m the e-commerce queen. I stay adding items to my virtual shopping bag. When it comes to physically going into a retail store though, I have to drag myself in. Shopping from my phone in bed, wearing lounge clothes and sipping on coffee is just so much better. Getting fully dressed and looking semi-decent is far too much work just to go shopping in a department store these days. The other weekend though, I was attending a wedding. I totally forgot to hit “purchase” on my shopping bag two weeks prior when I was online shopping for it. This meant I had no dress to wear. So, I threw a beanie on and headed to Lord & Taylor. Quick fact, I had never been to a Lord & Taylor before this. They don’t have these on the west coast. I surprisingly found a dress pretty fast, so I was wedding ready for the next day!

The Venue

The actual venue itself was magical! It definitely did not disappoint. All festivities took place at The Merion. It is a hidden gem tucked away in Cinnaminson, NJ. There’s an outside garden with magnificent pillars. When you enter the lobby, you are welcomed by an enchanting flight of stairs, with an awe-inspiring chandelier elegantly hanging from the ceiling. To the left of the stairs was a majestic water fountain where you can sit and enjoy the sounds of water lightly splashing. It was gorgeous!!! Leading up to the stairs was the cocktail hour, which was insane!! There were six stations of different cuisines. This is when clones of me would come in handy. My game plan would be to send each clone of me to a different station, then we would meet back at one table to feast. I know, I’m food crazy! Also, you know it ain’t no party without an open bar, which they had 🙂 Ya’ll already know how I feel about this from my last blog post. I start pop, lock, and droppin’ haha



The couple decided to go with a traditional multi-tiered cake. It was unique how they had a quote written in gold icing with Lego Star Wars figurines as the cake topper. The flavor was red velvet. I am obsessed with red velvet, so I’m extremely picky when it comes to eating it. Most places just make chocolate cake, add red food dye and call it a day. No way is that acceptable for me!! There’s a certain taste to it and this wedding cake had it! Rather than serving a slice on a plate to each guest, they wrapped individual slices in foil and displayed them on platters. This was convenient since guests could grab it as they please. So genius! I saved mine for the car ride home.

Dessert table would be an understatement. Ya’ll, this was a dessert room!!! There was a fondue bar, strawberry champagne tower, and tables filled with delicious bites of pastries. I could go on. This was in addition to the wedding cake, so I was in dessert heaven!

The Entertainment

No, it was not Travis Barker haha You know the night is not complete without some music and dancing though. The cool thing about the entertainment was that there was a DJ plus a drummer playing in sync with one another. Hence, reminded me of Travis Barker’s rap remixes.  It was definitely a memorable part of the night. So, I’ll leave you with one of Travis Barker’s mixes. Congratulations David & May! Cheers to being Mr. and Mrs. Kane!

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