“Going to the Chapel” On Repeat

I’m at that age where my friends and family are engaged or are close to saying “I do”. It’s such an amazing experience seeing two people come together as one in celebration of their new, exciting chapter. Attending a bunch of weddings last year made me realize that these events are a little different than they used to be. There isn’t really a “standard” wedding anymore. It’s much more à la carte, which makes weddings more diverse. You can see the personality of each couple shine through the details they selected for their special day.

(Wedding at Calamigos Ranch)

I went to my first wedding of the year this past weekend! In honor of 2018 wedding season commencing, I decided to reminisce about some of the aspects of last year’s weddings that really stood out to me.



(Catering: California Fresh Catering, Photography: Christine Skari Photography, Venue: San Clemente Casino)

I’ve noticed the buffet style dinner is becoming more popular. As a woman who always has food on her mind, I immediately had a mini panic attack when I didn’t see the option to select chicken, steak, or fish on some of the wedding RSVPs. Celebrating the couple is obviously the most important matter. Let’s be honest though. The food is the next best thing in a wedding, so don’t judge a girl. Anyhow, confusion was cleared up when the brides explained that they were doing buffet style. I felt like a douche for even asking, but I just had to for peace of mind haha! Back to the subject matter, dinner. Okay, so I found this dinner option rather convenient for everyone involved. Guests can select what they want or don’t want, the catering staff only has to worry about restocking food in that one general area, and the bride and groom can head to the front of the line if they want more food rather than waiting to be served. It’s a win all around.


(Cake: Penelope’s Perfections, Photography: Christine Skari Photography, Florals: Iris & Barry Blooms, Venue: San Clemente Casino)

I absolutely love dessert. I have sweet teeth rather than a sweet tooth. Actually, let’s just call it a sweet mouth because I am always craving sugar! So, you best believe cake at a wedding is always on my radar. One-tiered cakes have been all the rage as opposed to the traditional multi-tiered cakes. It allows couples to get more creative on how they serve the cake. At one wedding I attended, they had the one-tiered cake that they used for the “cake-cutting” photos and then a sheet cake on the side to serve guests. Another wedding was the same thing. Instead of a sheet cake though, they had a donut bar with a variety of decadent flavors/toppings the guests could pick from. It was dessert heaven!


Wedding Favors:

This is one aspect of a wedding that people tend to forget about up until the very end. It’s understandable, especially since there are so many other tasks that need immediate attention first. Wedding favors aren’t cheap either. It quickly adds up when you multiply one item by all the guests you’ve invited. In my opinion, just being invited to the wedding is a nice gesture. Inviting me to their marriage celebration where they feed me, let me break it down on the dance floor and just party in general is the ultimate favor. What more can you ask for, right? However, if couples are feeling generous then I’m obviously not opposed to these favors 😉

Wedding favors come in several different forms. I would put an open bar in this category. That right there is the nicest thank you. You know it’s an open bar when I start to dance like this at a wedding…

(Shout out to my BFF Mariah for always capturing only the best moments of me haha)

I’ve also been given little fun items too like neon colored glasses and light sticks to sport while on the dance floor. An out of the ordinary wedding favor was a shuttle for all guests. This was actually the smartest favor I’ve ever received. Instead of guests driving to and from the venue, the bride and groom provided shuttles since it was a bit of a drive away. Plus, they didn’t want anyone drinking and driving. This was very convenient, especially if most of your guests are staying at the same hotel. It was so thoughtful that the bride and groom took our safety into consideration as well.

Last year’s weddings were ones for the books. I’m so excited to see what my friends have in store for this year. Stay tuned for more posts on the weddings I attend this year!


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